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Another music quiz?

2007-12-23 16:57:37 by BariMutation

So, remember my old music quizes back when I was first getting used to flash? Yeah, pretty bad, but that's not the point. I thought of having a new music quiz, obviously of MUCH better quality, centered around four or five genres of music. During the quiz a song from that genre will be playing. How well do you think that would do?

The genres would be metal, jazz, classical, and one or two others.


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2007-12-23 17:52:10

I think I would do pretty bad, 'cause most songs I listen to, I don't know who's playing it.
I know the song names though :]

BariMutation responds:

Well, it wouldn't be questions about the song itself, jsut questions about the genre in general.


2007-12-23 18:39:32

nah, cause i don't really know to much music, i just listen to a few musicans.


2007-12-24 04:58:13

i have a problem with the hint


2007-12-24 18:44:28

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BariMutation responds:

Yes... please do...


2008-02-27 16:51:43

Yea soudsgood as long as it is made like your newer ones. I'd play it this site needs more quiz games. They makes I fel smert.


2008-06-21 02:39:23

your quizzes kick ass =]


2008-08-20 15:14:41

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2009-04-20 03:03:02

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(Your old music doesnt suck at all!)


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2011-12-11 13:27:31

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