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Another music quiz?

2007-12-23 16:57:37 by BariMutation

So, remember my old music quizes back when I was first getting used to flash? Yeah, pretty bad, but that's not the point. I thought of having a new music quiz, obviously of MUCH better quality, centered around four or five genres of music. During the quiz a song from that genre will be playing. How well do you think that would do?

The genres would be metal, jazz, classical, and one or two others.

New Quiz

2007-11-25 19:57:02 by BariMutation

I'm sure most of you are okay with it, but if you're just gonna bitch about hentai, please don't comment... even though I'm sure you will.

Okay guys, just got word from my school that we have Monday through Thursday off. So, seeing as I didn't make any plans for this week, might as well make anothe quiz, right? So tell me, what do you guys want it to be on? I would rather not have it on anime, but if you guys want it that bad, I'll do it. So here's the deal; when you review, just cast your vote.

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